Friday, 9 June 2017



another 5 years of misery with mrs maybe  (not a miss spelling an observation).
Maybe she'll take money of the dementia patients maybe she won't .  Maybe she'll stop the winter fuel payment and leave the poor old pensioners freezing if we have snow maybe she won't .

Back in the seventies when me and my sister were young, our mum and dad voted labour infact every one we new voted labour it was the working class party .  Now people just follow suit or don't even bother voting why the people of Basildon vote conservative is beyond me they have nothing to conserve I don't think they understand the meaning of the word in this and many other working class boroughs .

It used to be a serious issue voting for the priminister and for your rights women chained there selves to the railings of parliament to get the female vote . Now people cant even be bothered to go to the polling stations or to find out why there voting . Hence the 5 more years of misery if that wasn't bad enough Mrs may  has pulled in the dup to help her a Stone Age party that doesn't believe in anything related to the 20th century .

When we were little and mr Wilson was running for priminister against mr Heath we were only young but we still knew why we wanted the fair party to win.
We used to sing this in the car .

Vote vote vote for mr Wilson
Knock old heathy in the eye
If he comes round any more
We will knock him on the floor
And he won't go voting any more .  

Tuesday, 23 February 2016


We went to the wimpy on Saturday diet out of the window again . It made me think about when me and my sister were young and on a Saturday afternoon my mum and dad used to take us to east ham
We would go into c&a on the hill by the station and get new clothes coats and shoes and then right opposite was the wimpy . It was always packed out and when we got a table for four. Me and my sister would have egg and chips.    Lovely, the other time I had wimpy was when I had the mumps my mum went and got me a wimpy burger to cheer me up .   Just like when I had a sty and the doctor said no suger my mum bought me a large ice cream to make me feel better .

Tuesday, 15 December 2015


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Monday, 14 December 2015

christmas stocking

The children lined up in the playground after the Christmas holidays ,all chatting  about what they had received in thier Christmas stockings. They all had the usual an orange some nuts and a small toy . The little boy at the back seemed to find it hard to keep up feeling embarrassed as the other children starred at him . He was limping along to keep up but with a pocket full of marbellls and a large banana in the other I sopossed anyone would have had trouble , he didn't even like bananas much but his mother had told him anyone else would have been grateful to have one the size of that , so soon after the war . One of the little girls asked him if he spent the holidays in hospital ,he just shook his head , and discreetly removed the banana from his pocket wich now made him even more unbalanced    And he sort of slid across the playground trying to keep his body upright . His mother who liked to keep up appearances had insisted that he take all forty two marbles to school "what all in one day "he asked . Yes we don't want people thinking we're poor now do we . He had struggled down the road ,. When he entered the class the teacher gave him a second glance is every thing alright Alan yes Thankyou miss he replied being glad of a sit down. As he sat there he thought about what his mother had said "don't forget to show that banana off Alan and make sure everyone gets to roll you marbellls you'll have a lovely time". Alan did not share his mothers enthusiasm . How he had longed for an orange and tin soldier something he could keep to his self safely tucked away . He couldn't take it any more so at playtime with banana in hand he made a scope for two oranges . He felt much better eating one straight away. Then when the boys and girls wanted to look at his marbles he decided he would swop these too .  6 marbles for any one wanting to exchange. He got a ball , a wooden horse ,the tin soldier he wanted , a book and some sweets he then kept the last six so not to rise suspicion . Alan went home and straight to his room what a wonderfull Christmas he thought sitting on the bed eating his orange and playing with all his toys .

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The weekend

The mini bus arrived at the holiday camp , a mixed buch Young and old , bags were dumped in thier chalets , and then into the bar for toasted sandwiches followed by beer and Bacardi . "Is it nearly time for dinner " asked one lady , a fellow camper replied "I expect your hungry being a salad dodger. " The lady next to her thought this quite rude and using her phsycic power tried to put a spell on him turning him into a gnome on a second glance she decided that was how he always looked. The next day games were played in the ballroom and when the social dancing came on one of the campers asked the dj for a shagg when his mouth droped open she explained it was a new dance and her and her friends wanted to learn it . I think he was quite relieved being only a young man . They ventured out into the fresh air were crazy golf was played with numerous shots being taken until the oldest lady in the group was the winner "well done" the others had said to her now for a spot of yoga the ladies were all up for this balancing on one leg whilst spreading the other legs wide apart every which way but loose. Some of the women were quite grateful as the men campers had been playing with thier bowls all afternoon and looked done in .  When the evening came the hall was packed , into the hall walked a couple of divas Tina turner and Diana Ross were there in full regalia . The crowd not taking much notice ,busy watching the show. But every time miss turner rose from her seat for a drink chat or a wee she spontaneously started to shake her legs and backside making an arched position at first people was not sure weather to call paramedics but on noticing that Diana seemed to have something similar with a consistency to keep flicking her hair over her shoulders they decided that they must of come with the voucher holders . At the end of the evening when a good time had been had by all both ladies left with thier dignity and tenner ladies in tact.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Sore throat

The lady was all set for Sundays karaoke but when she woke up in the morning her worse fears a sore throat ! Never the less she soldiered on and arrived at the club hardly able to speak but not wanting to be left out she was called up for her first song "don't they know it's the end of the world " afterwards one of the other entertainers offered her a wurthers original , not wanting to be rude she accepted and sucked it inbetween the salmon sandwiches . On her next turn "God bless the child" a little improvement but then her former agent said " I would like to have said I enjoyed that"  after a long decision she ran to the shop and bought herself a large bag of wurthers and sucked away profusely and then it happened song number three. "Have you ever been lonely " was belted out to claps and cheers "she's back "they said hence she's been sucking away all week only another two weeks to go .