Friday, 9 June 2017



another 5 years of misery with mrs maybe  (not a miss spelling an observation).
Maybe she'll take money of the dementia patients maybe she won't .  Maybe she'll stop the winter fuel payment and leave the poor old pensioners freezing if we have snow maybe she won't .

Back in the seventies when me and my sister were young, our mum and dad voted labour infact every one we new voted labour it was the working class party .  Now people just follow suit or don't even bother voting why the people of Basildon vote conservative is beyond me they have nothing to conserve I don't think they understand the meaning of the word in this and many other working class boroughs .

It used to be a serious issue voting for the priminister and for your rights women chained there selves to the railings of parliament to get the female vote . Now people cant even be bothered to go to the polling stations or to find out why there voting . Hence the 5 more years of misery if that wasn't bad enough Mrs may  has pulled in the dup to help her a Stone Age party that doesn't believe in anything related to the 20th century .

When we were little and mr Wilson was running for priminister against mr Heath we were only young but we still knew why we wanted the fair party to win.
We used to sing this in the car .

Vote vote vote for mr Wilson
Knock old heathy in the eye
If he comes round any more
We will knock him on the floor
And he won't go voting any more .  

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