Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The weekend

The mini bus arrived at the holiday camp , a mixed buch Young and old , bags were dumped in thier chalets , and then into the bar for toasted sandwiches followed by beer and Bacardi . "Is it nearly time for dinner " asked one lady , a fellow camper replied "I expect your hungry being a salad dodger. " The lady next to her thought this quite rude and using her phsycic power tried to put a spell on him turning him into a gnome on a second glance she decided that was how he always looked. The next day games were played in the ballroom and when the social dancing came on one of the campers asked the dj for a shagg when his mouth droped open she explained it was a new dance and her and her friends wanted to learn it . I think he was quite relieved being only a young man . They ventured out into the fresh air were crazy golf was played with numerous shots being taken until the oldest lady in the group was the winner "well done" the others had said to her now for a spot of yoga the ladies were all up for this balancing on one leg whilst spreading the other legs wide apart every which way but loose. Some of the women were quite grateful as the men campers had been playing with thier bowls all afternoon and looked done in .  When the evening came the hall was packed , into the hall walked a couple of divas Tina turner and Diana Ross were there in full regalia . The crowd not taking much notice ,busy watching the show. But every time miss turner rose from her seat for a drink chat or a wee she spontaneously started to shake her legs and backside making an arched position at first people was not sure weather to call paramedics but on noticing that Diana seemed to have something similar with a consistency to keep flicking her hair over her shoulders they decided that they must of come with the voucher holders . At the end of the evening when a good time had been had by all both ladies left with thier dignity and tenner ladies in tact.

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