Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Sore throat

The lady was all set for Sundays karaoke but when she woke up in the morning her worse fears a sore throat ! Never the less she soldiered on and arrived at the club hardly able to speak but not wanting to be left out she was called up for her first song "don't they know it's the end of the world " afterwards one of the other entertainers offered her a wurthers original , not wanting to be rude she accepted and sucked it inbetween the salmon sandwiches . On her next turn "God bless the child" a little improvement but then her former agent said " I would like to have said I enjoyed that"  after a long decision she ran to the shop and bought herself a large bag of wurthers and sucked away profusely and then it happened song number three. "Have you ever been lonely " was belted out to claps and cheers "she's back "they said hence she's been sucking away all week only another two weeks to go .

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