Monday, 21 January 2013




The day had finally come the little seaside town had gained its first traditional pie and mash shop. A lot of hard work had gone into getting the shop ready and at eleven o’clock Saturday morning the doors the doors were opened by the lady of the shop. As the queue outside started to filter in out of the cold into the warm shop, behind the counter ready to serve were all the pretty relations dresses in their clean check uniforms, 1 pie 2 mash requested the first customer, 2 pies 2mash said the next and so it went on. People taking their seats and admiring the clean, smart décor and the photo’s of pie shops from long ago, Bringing back memories for most of the London customers.

The shop was busy and soon enough the pies ran short “you’ll have to lock the doors” said one of the girls. The doors were locked and the proprietor made cups of tea and coffee for the customers waiting outside. The doors were soon opened and the loyal customers gently filtered in and ordered their food. “More pies more mash, waiting for seats” were the calls from inside the shop and then “thanks love, very nice, lovely, be back again”.

Well done Sandra and Steve at frank’s pie and mash shop Canvey Island.     


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