Monday, 21 January 2013

50 Shades of Mash

The day had come to open the pie n mash shop the small seaside town had been waiting for weeks. Looking through the window and watching the progress of the workers inside. fiddling with his brisket and trimming his edges while Mrs Pastry stirred her liquor and warmed her mash. At eleven o’clock Saturday morning the doors were opened to the waiting queue, as they entered the shop with it’s  warm atmosphere clean d├ęcor and pictures on the wall of pie shops gone by bringing back memories for lots of London customers.” 1 pie 2 mash “asked the first customer to the pretty girl behind the counter in her clean check uniform “2 pies 3 mash, eels and liquor” and so it went on as the queue filtered in. The queue was long and soon enough they ran out of pies , lock the door said Mrs Pastry and then ventured outside with a tray of tea and coffee and danced along the line handing out the drinks and Christmas wishes singing as she went. Meanwhile Mr Pastry made more pies and they were soon back on track. This went on all day with compliments from all the customers, by five o’clock the shop was empty and the couple started to clear up, still both singing away washing up and wiping down. It had gone very quiet when Mrs Pastry turned to see Mr Pastry slowly removing his apron, as Mrs Pastry moved forward he cleared the work bench and Mrs Pastry threw her check hat into the liquor, still wearing her rubber gloves , pounced on Mr Pastry with mash flying everywhere. Amidst the steam, Mrs Pastry hear something,”coo-ee” a voice was calling .  Mrs Pastry replaced her hat with liquor dripping down her forehead and went to serve. Anything left for me asked the small woman I don’t mind take away, sorry its all gone replied Mrs Pastry “never mind dear I’ll come back Monday”. The woman left the shop and Mr Pastry locked the door and they carried on with their duties.

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