Friday, 3 April 2015

Happy easter

This morning on the television was Easter parade judy garland and Fred Astaire a different class to the Paul Daniels and Debbie mgee version on stars in thier eyes a few years ago. We always used to watch that film at Easter when we were little in between eating Easter eggs and going to parties . There was always a party at Easter and the highlight would be , the Easter bonnet parade . All the women and children would line up and parade around someone's front room showing off the bonnet they had made , hoping to win a non existent prize, as every one was a winner. It was non stop partying  from good Friday lunch time until the early hours of bank holiday monday. In families homes or clubs that we often visited.  Easter was my favourite time it always seemed bright , the daffodils were out in my nans garden and it seemed to be warm. Nowadays it's always raining and if any one wanted to be in an Easter parade they would have to go to b&q that seems to be the in place over Easter, and then people say had a lovely weekend had to go to b&q a few times . They don't know how to party , not like us. Happy Easter.

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