Monday, 21 May 2012

Denny Mincer's

The young man  had been working in the sweet factory for a few weeks now and had finally saved enough money to have his own suit made. He couldn’t wait, every time he went out he had his dad’s jacket his brother’s trousers and his grandad’s shirt and tie on. Although this hadn’t stopped him pulling the girls, if they had known in younger years he had to share his sister’s knicker’s it might have been a different story, his brother on the other hand was quite happy to wear his sister’s underwear. On Saturday morning he caught the bus from Stratford to the green gate

In barking road and there it was the best tailor in town Denny Mincer’s

He stepped through the door and was greeted by a small man

 “can I help you sir”

“yes I would like a suit please”

“Any particular material” asked the tailor,

The young man gazed around the shop at all the different colours. He eventually decided on a grey tonic material and was measured up for the suit  a few tucks here and there  he felt so posh.

The following week he collected his suit and had saved enough for a crisp white shirt and silk tie and handkerchief.  He thanked the man and took his new clothes home. When he got ready for his Saturday night out his mum said that he looked like a tailors dummy and when he walked into the pub on Saturday night he had all the girls after him, it was a good job he kept enough money to buy his own pants.       

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