Friday, 2 March 2012

West Ham FA Cups

In 1980 when west ham won the F A cup the streets from the Boleyn
Up to  East Ham town hall were packed with thousands of people including me and my family waiting for the coach to pass through It was an open top coach and Bobby Moore, Frank Lampard, Paul Allen and Trevor Brooking, were standing up the top holding the cup as the coach slowly drove along the barking road. With the crowd going wild and cheering as it made its way to east ham town hall were the  players would meet the mayor, his wife and grandson. The young man met all the players and was given a signed football. Many years later this young man became my husband. Five years previously my granddad had been a season ticket holder at west ham for years and when they won the cup in 1975 on that Saturday night my nan and granddad had a west ham party and everybody wore claret and blue and on the Sunday morning we all went to Upton park to see the cup come through the streets. I had also been there in 1964 in my pram done up with claret and blue  ribbons blowing bubbles.

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